Natural Gas Utility Process Safety Management Clearinghouse

Risk-based Process Safety Management (PSM) provides a structured and systematic approach to building a sustainable safety culture with top-down and bottom-up commitment. PSM provides layers of protection and practices based on understanding an industry’s hazards and risks, managing these risks, and learning from experience to help prevent recurrences and to strengthen the safety culture. In general, the PSM framework is modular and scalable and can be integrated into current Environmental, Health, and Safety systems at any-size company.

The AGA Safety & Occupational Health Committee evaluated the variety of PSM frameworks and associated elements available and developed guidance materials with particular relevance to natural gas operations. These materials along with other references which may be of assistance to the natural gas operator are posted here at the "Natural Gas Utility Process Safety Management Clearinghouse”. Postings include a slidedeck to assist the operator in making a viable business case for PSM along with a slidedeck that lays out the PSM Framework for natural gas operations and how to apply it

There is much activity throughout the industry regarding API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management Systems. PSM is intended to complement API RP 1173 in a measurably positive way. PSM not only describes “what” good looks like, it describes “how” to get there such that API 1173 may be satisfied.