AGA Submits Comments on Reassessment Interval Extension

On December 17, AGA, APGA, API and INGAA jointly submitted comments in response to PHMSA’s proposed FAQ’s which provided guidance on the extension of the 7-year Integrity Management Reassessment Interval by 6 months. The Associations supported PHMSA’s new FAQ’s (FAQ 281 and FAQ 282), and revisions to FAQ 207. The Associations requested PHMSA to consider granting extensions for notifications made within 180 days of the reassessment deadline for unforeseen events, such as an extreme weather event, which may delay assessments. The Associations also asked PHMSA to consider including other constraints such as permitting delays and planned retirements of existing facilities that may also warrant a 6-month extension.  Lastly, the Associations asked that PHMSA provide any objections to Operators within 90 days of receiving a notification. The full comments can be found here.