Petition to Reconsider Plastic Pipe Rulemaking

On December 20, 2018, AGA submitted a petition to modify the Final Plastic Pipe Rule, which was published on November 22, 2018. AGA noted its support for the amendments which consider advancements in plastic pipe design, manufacturing, and technologies that advance pipeline safety.

AGA provided recommendations which revise the language referencing technologies that are not readily available which makes it challenging to meet the regulation. AGA also asked PHMSA to allow Operators and additional 90-days (until April 22, 2019) to update existing procedures, train and qualify personnel, and revise purchasing specifications and material installation instructions, and 180-days (July 22, 2019) to implement new programs.

A full copy of the comments can be found here PHMSA-2014-0098 AGA Petition to Reconsider Final Plastic Pipe Rule.