PHMSA Responds to AGA's Petition on the Transmission Rule

In December 2019, PHMSA responded to the petition filed jointly by AGA, INGAA, APGA, and API on PHMSA’s final rule Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines: MAOP Reconfirmation, Expansion of Assessment Requirements, and Other Related Amendments. The Joint Associations asked for PHMSA to clarify that the applicability of class location requirements (§192.5), and when operators must reconfirm the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of their pipelines (§192.624). The Joint Associations asked that PHMSA explicitly clarify the scope of §192.5 only applies to transmission pipelines.

In their response, PHMSA clarified that record keeping requirements for §192.5 only applies to transmission pipelines, and agreed that the intent of the final regulation was to limit the MAOP requirements within §192.624(a)(1) to those pipeline segments that do not have a traceable, verifiable and complete pressure test record in accordance with §192.619(a)(2).