Safety Information Resource Center

Safety is a joint effort – a partnership that engages customers, regulators and policymakers at every level.  AGA and its members are dedicated to the continued enhancement of safety: Employee safety, contractor safety, public safety and pipeline safety.  We are committed to proactively improving the industry’s long standing record of providing natural gas service safely and effectively to more than 177 million Americans.  This page exists because we recognize the importance of safety in all aspects of our industry.

This page contains information on just some of AGA’s safety efforts and resources that can help in our collective safety journey.  Below you will find links to our Commitment to Enhancing Safety (voluntary actions adopted by AGA members to improve safety), AGA’s Safety Culture Statement (a commitment by AGA’s members to promote positive safety cultures), AGA Safety Initiatives, and Safety FAQs.  You will also find Lessons Learned Case Studies, Safety Alerts, information on motor vehicle safety, materials from our annual Executive Leadership Safety Summit, and a number of other safety resources.  You will also find an alert system that allows members to communicate quickly about operational, security or safety issues that may have an immediate impact on natural gas distribution or transmission company operations.  

We encourage you to make the most of the linked resources and member forum to gather ideas that you may implement and to share your own ideas about what we as an industry can do to improve safety. Please note, all links are subject to this site's Terms and Conditions.